Sunday, September 24, 2017

Club Race Results Sept 23, 2017

Dylan 1000m 1:50.64 500m 49.98 Abigail 1000m 2:00.81 500m 52.16 Art 777m 1:50.41 Lily 777m 1:39.95 500m 1:05.30 Peter 777m 1:38.76 500m 1:03.84 Cayan 777m Sorry Cayan...we had a timing malfunction but your second 777m was 1:43.09 500m 1:04.84 Gavin 333m 48.80 222m 32.99 Dante 333m 57.62 222m 41.76 (fall) Avery 333m 1:00.10 222m 37.74 Matthew 333m 57.67 222m 38.35 Alex 333m 54.26 222m 34.16

Friday, September 8, 2017

Fall Club Races Sept 23

Fall Club Races! The first club races with the Oval Club and the Park City Club will be Saturday, Sept. 23rd from 6:45-8:15 (arriving close to 6 for a warm-up and helping with pads would be a good thing) at the Park City Ice Arena. They are fun, ability type races so everyone in both clubs should plan to attend. Following the races will be a dessert/veggie/fruit potluck. Please bring something to share. The PCSSC will provide hot drinks. And for those who haven't skated in Park City, ask around...its cold...dress appropriately!