Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter Club Races December 5th

The Winter Club Races with the Oval are Saturday, December 5th, 7:15-8:45 at the Park City Ice Arena. Please bring a dessert to share...and dress warm!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

What a great evening of speed skating!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the club and a big thank you to all of the coaches!  

Speed Skating Fall Club Races (with Oval Club) @ Park City Ice Arena, November 14th

Park City Speed Skating Club Youth (mixed divisions) 

Avery Mechling
111m     21,33
333m    58,78
500m    1:37,13

Jack Zipp
111m    21,43
333m    1:06,63
500m    1:37,17

Gavin Strazdins
111m    21,93
333m    1:02,25
500m    1:43,52

Camden Goodman
333m        47,05
500m        1:14,34
777m        1:58,88

Cayan Winans
333m    46,54
500m    1:10,64
777m    2:02,65

Abigail Sorenson
500m     1:01,21
1000m   2:00,29

Dylan Woodbury
500m     56,90
1000m  1:59,70  

William Valentine
500m        51,19
1000m    1:46,50

Casey Dawson
500m        52,82
1000m    1:46,60

Fall Club Races with the Oval Club November 14, 2015