Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Desert Classic Long Track Results

William Valentine
500m         43.05          (pr)
1000m        1:30.05   
1500m        2:15.96       (pr)

Casey Dawson
500m        41.83 (pr)
1000m      1:21.51 (pr)
1500m      2:04.15 (pr)

Dylan Woodbury
500m        50.27    (pr)
1000m    1:43.73    (pr)
1500m    2:37.71     (pr)

Lindsey Woodbury
500m        48.97
1000m    1:39.13
1500m    2:32.97 (pr)

2015 Desert Classic Short Track Results
Lindsey Woodbury PCSSC  First Place Age Division 
333m 38.372 (pb)
500m 55.220 (pb)
777m 1:33.663 (pb)
1000m 2:00.729 (pb)

Dylan Woodbury PCSSC First Place Age Division
333m 37.466 (pb)
500m 56.846 (pb)
777m 1:28.234 (pb)
1000m 1:55.321 (pb)

Avery Mechling PCSSC
333m 1:08.515
500m 1:34.362
777m 2:35.912
1000m 3:39.944

Abigail Sorenson PCSSC
333m 53.136
500m 1:04.131
777m 1:43.235
1000m 2:37.172

William Valentine PCSSC
500m 48.474 (pb)
1000m 1:42.605 (pb)
1500m 2:37.648 (pb)

Casey Dawson OSSC
500m 49.261
1000m 1:43.34 
1500m 2:37.078             

Congratulations to all of our PCSSC participants in the 2015 Short Track and Long Track Desert Classic races!  There were so many PBs set in all distances!  Thanks again to Coach Catherine for being there for all of our skaters (and encouraging a little silly time afterward!).  More pictures and complete results will follow soon.

Monday, August 3, 2015

2015-2016 Club Photo

Desert Classic Registration is due

The Desert Classic Short Track  registration is due on Wednesday, August 5th. For those that are interested, here is the link to the forms and information: