Monday, February 29, 2016

Skate-a-thon and End of the Year Bash

SKATE-A-THON – On March 26 at the Utah Olympic Oval, we will be having our first ever Skate-A-Thon!!!  Every skater who wants to participate will need to get pledges in advance.  Pledgers can either give an amount per lap skated or a lump sum.  On the day of the event you will have one (1) hour to skate as many laps as you can. The start time is scheduled for 4:15... Please be ready to skate!  We will use transponders to track laps.  At the end of the hour we will have the total laps calculated for everyone.  Then the skaters will need to inform the pledgers how much they owe.  Initially all of the donations will go to the association but can be used BY THE PERSON WHO EARNED THEM for things like summer camp registration, entry fees, travel to out of state competitions, and uniforms.  WSSA will retain 5% and the member club will retain 20%.  The remaining 75% of the money can be used by the skater who earned it for the things listed above. 
(as an FYI for those that do not know, the Oval hosts a week long speed skating summer camp and this year it will be culminating with the Desert Classic Short Track Races. Tentative Dates: camp August 8-12, races August 13-14)
Year End Bash – The Year End Bash is scheduled for March 26.  We realize that this is Easter weekend but it is the only weekend it is possible to host it at the oval this year.  We apologize to anyone who might be effected by this.  In case you don’t remember or don’t know…the Year End Bash is an awesome opportunity to let loose at the oval.  There is no cost and all of the oval’s games, sports, movies, etc. are open to us along with the hockey and figure skating club.  And of course…the sleepover.  Bring your tents and sleeping bags. 

Friday, February 26, 2016

US Age Group Long Track Nationals

William Valentine, Lindsey Woodbury, Dylan Woodbury and Coach Catherine all traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the 2016 Age Group Long Track National Championships.

William placed 5th, Lindsey 8th and Dylan 2nd overall in their respective age divisions. William also placed 4th in the Team Pursuit, skating with others from various clubs.  The entire event was a new experience for these skaters as the Championships are run "pack style," which is not practiced at the Utah Olympic Oval.